Body, sexuality & contraception: a workshop in photos

On 13 July 2015, Point Of View organised the first ever workshop of its Sexuality and Disability project (Phase 2) at the Andheri Industrial Home for Blind Women.

The home is a vocational training institute and staying facility for young women. The women work at looms and pursue different courses like masssage, music among the likes and have aspirations of employment as well as a healthy settled life.

The focus for the day’s session was on the body and self; menstruation, menstrual health, hygiene and disposal; female genitalia and sex. 30 odd young girls and women participated in the workshop and the atmosphere steadily grew more lively and curious.

Check out how the first sexdis workshop unrolled, one picture at a time.






To see a more detailed report of the workshop, check our live-tweeting here and to get an insight into the workshop, check this touching personal post by one of our interns here.

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